These are the technical things you need to know as a customer of HHS LLC



LOCKOUT FEE – We must charge a 50% fee when you fail to leave access to your home the day of service.  There are no exceptions after the first incident.


CANCELLATION – We will charge a 50% fee if you cancel with less than 48 hour notice,

And your next clean would be at a higher rate since there is more usage of the home between cleans.


TIPPING-is greatly appreciated but not required.  A suggested tipping range is 5 to 20% of the fee before sales tax.  Call our office if you wish to add tipping to your credit card payments. Our techs appreciate these, and helps pay their gas.  They always remember those clients that tip!


PAYMENT – Payment is due at the time of service.  During this covid time, credit cards are encouraged as a way to have a contactless payment option, The second time you fail to provide timely payment we will request a credit card number to be held for back up payment.


RATE INCREASES – We reserve the right to raise our rates at any time.  You will be given advance notice of a rate increase.


GETTING READY FOR THE CLEANING -Don’t clean before we arrive but do pickup as much as possible.  This will allow us to focus more on detail and quality for you.


QUALITY CONTROL -Our quality control system is interactive and dependent upon your feedback and communication to function.  We need your input on the overall experience and quality you are receiving so that we may address issues that are important to you.

Usually changing services will not eliminate a problem since we are all in the human business. Human nature sometimes prevails if not confronted, and that’s our job. We will correct or address any issue we are made aware of. Our employees take great pride in the work they do and also want to be informed when you are disappointed with a service.

THE SETTING – Our techs are used to working while people are home, but ask that you confine people to a room as we wok.


Pets – we love them! But please secure any pet that may be a threat. Also, we do not clean up after sick pets or pet accidents.


Breakage – It’s bound to happen. We hate it when it does, and we do our best to prevent it! The following is critical communication regarding our breakage policies:

  1. Sometimes breakage occurs when there are booby traps. Those are accidents waiting to happen (pictures not hung securely, top heavy items with unstable bases, wobbly, tippy objects). Each incident is reviewed on a case by case basis. We cannot take responsibility for booby traps. Please remove unstable breakables to a place we do not clean (we do not clean inside curios, china cabinets, or clear wet bar shelves).
  2. We will pay up to $100 per breakage item, when value is verifiable. Please move expensive figurines or glassware to a location we do not clean, or have us skip that area completely if you do not wish to accept the risk.
  3. In some cases we will have the broken item repaired by a professional restoration company. Breakage values over $25 must be verified before replacement or reimbursement will be authorized. Please save the broken item for our inspection.


WOOD FLOORS – It is your responsibility to place coasters or felt under heavy or sharp furniture legs. We will repair damage to wood floors if we caused the damage. We have weight restrictions that our employees cannot move heavy furniture.


NON COMPETE – We invest a lot of time and money in hiring and training the very best staff. Poaching our employees is forbidden and will result in a $2,500 finder’s fee if breached.


COVID POLICIES – Out employees are trained to disinfect all their equipment between homes, to empty vacuums and wash their hands before and after each home clean.  We ask that you adhere to the six feet recommendations and please wear a mask if approaching a tech.