Home Helper Services, LLC has been in business since April 2011, and we pride ourselves on making customers feel their money is well spent.  

We have found in working for other companies that customer service is extremely lacking in other companies.  We believe that it is crucial to the long lasting relationships we want to have with our clients, and have built our company in not only being friends with our clients, but our techs understand that their livelihoods depend on quality customer experiences are crucial to longevity in their relationships with their clients.  We believe this sets us apart from other cleaning companies in our market.



Our cleaning technicians are put through a highly renowned and professional training system that produces high quality and consistent results each time.  They are trained on what to look for and what specific product to use to remove stubborn build-up. 

Once they pass their training, which is overseen by a quality trainer, they are sent to secret shopper houses to hone their skills and craft their perspectives to uphold our standards, before they are given new clients.

Our intent is to assign one maid per home on a recurring basis, so the client can be familiar with their representative.  But our staff also keeps detailed notes for each client and their particular needs, so if the tech is out sick, or on vacation, a maid can know exactly what each client like in their homes.

Our maids are paid on a commission basis, with 100 percent client satisfaction guaranteed.